Get Paid For Browsing

Earn Money Browsing The Internet

How do i make money from Presearch browser ?

Every Time you search using Presearch you get 0.25 PST Coin added to your account and you can Earn at the most 8 PST coins a Day, And you can again Earn 8 more coins on a new Day.

# Looking for ever more ways to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency without investing a             penny upfront or adding hours to your day?

# Then you may consider Brave Brows 

Brave is a faster, safer and more secure browser than any other web browsers out there.


I’ll show you how to earn money with Brave browser in 4 EASY ways.


# Get free airdrop of $5 worth of BAT by just using it.

# Earn up to $7.50 of BAT by inviting users to download and try out the platform.

# Earn BAT by watching ads and surfing the web.

# Earn BAT tips for content you publish to the web.